Laure Vigliano

International DEvelopment


Let’s increase

your export activities together

Many directors of SME/VSEs are these days so busy that it is difficult to find the time and the energy to develop their business on an international level.

However, this type of development is indispensable to guarantee the growth and endurance of any business.

So I have decided to make my know-how available to all those very passionate but overloaded business managers.

By developing a relationship that is also a partnership, I can provide a concrete and practical response to your specific needs.

My main objective is to work with you on the international development of your company while limiting both the cost and risk involved. Because I work on a freelance basis, you will maintain

complete control of the costs and move forward with your Export project at your own pace.

Please take a look at the various aspects of my approach to the subject and here’s wishing you every success in the international development of your company.

Laure Vigliano